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The Crab/The Sand Dollar


Bella Vista Books

Bella Vista Books is proud to present "The Sand Dollar" and "The Crab" by author Michael Woodworth. If you love nature and appreciate books, you will want to read and share both of these environmentally-themed and wonderfully illustrated hardcover books with your loved ones.

The Sand Dollar

While walking on the shore of the Sea of Cortez, a man has a remarkable dialog with the sea. Using the naturally occurring dove like structures found in sand dollars, the sea relates its past wars with the sun, the wind, the mountains, and the moon and addresses its ongoing war with man. The sea's explanation of the need for the fifth dove is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with readers of all ages. Learn more...


The Crab

A lively crab that lives to dance. A well-intentioned man dedicated to helping the loveable creature. What could possibly go wrong? This second Legend of the Sea of Cortez explores unintended consequences of sincere but misguided conservationism. Learn how the crab and the man become lifelong friends who truly understand and appreciate one another. Learn more...



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